Moving from Kolkata to Mumbai: My Experience


Moving from one city to another can be a daunting experience, especially when the two cities are as different as Kolkata and Mumbai. I moved to Mumbai five and a half years ago, and it has been an incredible journey so far. In this post, I shall share my experiences, challenges, and solutions that helped me overcome those challenges.

Finding a Place to Stay

One of the first challenges I faced when I moved to Mumbai was finding a place to stay. Mumbai is known for its high cost of living, and finding affordable and convenient accommodation can be challenging. Nobroker was a lifesaver here. I found a PG easily. Of course, it was not cheap. I paid 5k for a bed in a 2 BHK apartment shared between 8 people. Luckily though, the people and place were decent. It was also closer to my office. This was important. I had to ensure I didn’t spend much time and money traveling. Mumbai traffic is insane.

Things that you should keep in mind while getting a PG is that you may never get your deposit back. That PG where I stayed, and others who left the PG, never had their deposit back. It’s the same with most places, so be careful about that.

Adjusting to Different Types of Food

One of the things I missed the most when I moved to Mumbai was the food in Kolkata. Kolkata is known for its rich and diverse cuisine, and I grew up eating a variety of delicious and affordable food. In Mumbai, however, the food was different. I am not much of a foodie, so I won’t be able to explain why the food here is bad. But rest-assured, you will not find food as good as in Kolkata. The street food in Kolkata triumphs over every other city I have been to (Probably excluding North India). Mumbai has the worst Chinese food in the world.

Initially, I had a cook, but I soon shifted to Swiggy. It has been five years, I am ordering my breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Swiggy. I know it’s not healthy, but I am still alive.

Different People and Culture

Another challenge I faced when I moved to Mumbai was adjusting to the different types of people and cultures. Kolkata is known for its warm and welcoming people, while Mumbai can be more fast-paced and impersonal. I had to adapt to the new culture and social norms and make new friends and connections in a new city. It wasn’t very difficult, though.

The difference in Cost of Living

The cost of living in Mumbai is much higher than in Kolkata. Everything from rent to food to transportation is more expensive in Mumbai, and I had to adjust my budget and lifestyle accordingly. But, well, you get used to it. Your paycheck may not grow as exponentially as the rent here, but then you learn to live this newly found lifestyle. If not, you hear comedians joke about it and laugh it away.

Different Work Environment

One of the things I appreciated about Mumbai was the favorable work culture. Mumbai is known for its professional and competitive work environment, which suits my career aspirations and goals. I enjoyed the fast-paced and dynamic work culture here and felt it was more conducive to growth and success.

The Party Scenes

Kolkata has its share of fun. There are world-famous pubs where you can dance the night away. I was in love with Someplace Else, Roxy, and others in Kolkata. But then, Mumbai operates at a whole different level. You have way too many places to explore. From sasta sundar to premium lounges, you get it all here. I bet the nightlife in Mumbai is far more awesome than what you see in Kolkata.


Moving from the City of Joy to the City of Dreams was a big adjustment but also a rewarding experience. I had to learn to adapt to a new environment, make new friends, and adjust my lifestyle and budget. While I still miss the food and people of Kolkata, I have come to appreciate Mumbai’s professional and competitive work culture. Moving to Mumbai has been a positive experience for me, and I look forward to many more years of growth and success in this dynamic city. if you find a Chinese restaurant

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