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Unlocking Efficiency: The Underrated Skill of Project Management


Ever wonder why tasks in startups and corporates stretch far beyond their expected timelines? The usual suspects—lack of capability, resource crunch, and absence of ownership—are often cited, but they don’t fully explain the pervasive delays. The real culprit? A widespread gap in project management skills. Contrary to popular belief, project management isn’t just for Project Managers;...

How to Make Habit-Forming Digital Products for Indian Consumers


The success of a UX designer is measured not by the aesthetics we create but by the habits we cultivate among users. The journey of molding user habits through design is nuanced, much like the realization that productivity isn’t solely about the tools but how they’re used. Understanding the Essence of Habit-Forming Design Why is UX design important? This question echoes in the corridors of...

Boost Your Productivity: Simple Daily Habits That Work


Productivity isn’t just about the tools you use; it’s about how you harness your daily habits. While tools like Todoist and Alfred’s workflow aid in managing tasks, the real secret to productivity lies within you. Let’s explore some proven daily routines that can enhance your work performance and your personal life. Plan Ahead: Make It a Daily Ritual Planning is crucial...

Why Freelancing and Startup Don’t Mix


For most people, the alluring call of the freelance world can be quite seductive. The opportunity to be your own boss, to dictate your hours and the types of projects you undertake, seems quite promising. On the flip side, the startup environment is fast-paced, exhilarating, and constantly evolving. Both worlds are appealing and rewarding in their rights. And so, a thought crept into my mind –...

Embracing the Chai Break: Tackling Startup Burnout


In the bustling heart of Mumbai, where morning chai stalls are replaced by the buzzing offices of “ChakraPay”, a fintech startup aimed at revolutionizing the digital payment system, the pace is more bullet train or rather Vande Bharat Express than leisurely rickshaw rides. Here, a quarter can feel like a lifetime, with numbers changing faster than the weather in Shimla. If you relate...

Tackling Startup Madness: How to Survive and Laugh at the Chaos


Jumping into a startup is like skydiving without a parachute while juggling flaming chainsaws – it’s thrilling, terrifying, and downright hilarious. So I wanted to share the way I worked these juggling flaming chainsaws. Ready? Organized Chaos Ever played Jenga in an earthquake? Welcome to the disorganization of startups! If you can laugh at the madness, you’re halfway there. What did...

Moving from Kolkata to Mumbai: My Experience


Moving from one city to another can be a daunting experience, especially when the two cities are as different as Kolkata and Mumbai. I moved to Mumbai five and a half years ago, and it has been an incredible journey so far. In this post, I shall share my experiences, challenges, and solutions that helped me overcome those challenges. Finding a Place to Stay One of the first challenges I faced...

My Journey to a Fintech Startup in India: The Allure of a Transformative Landscape


The Indian fintech landscape has undergone a paradigm shift in recent years, attracting professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors. My decision to join a fintech startup in India stemmed from the exceptional growth potential, unique challenges, and the opportunity to impact millions of lives positively. This blog post details my journey and outlines the key factors that lured me into...

Why I joined a startup?


As a young professional passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, I had many career options. I could have pursued a career in a well-established company or gone to work for a multinational corporation. But instead, I chose to join a startup in India. Why did I make this decision? Here are a few reasons: Impactful Work Working for a startup allows me to work on something that truly matters...

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