Unlocking Efficiency: The Underrated Skill of Project Management


Ever wonder why tasks in startups and corporates stretch far beyond their expected timelines? The usual suspects—lack of capability, resource crunch, and absence of ownership—are often cited, but they don’t fully explain the pervasive delays.

The real culprit? A widespread gap in project management skills.

Contrary to popular belief, project management isn’t just for Project Managers; it’s a universal skillset that remains largely untaught and underappreciated. The solution lies in empowering every team member with the tools to master this discipline, starting with the basics of task management.

Consider Elon Musk’s approach: segmenting his extensive workload across multiple ventures into 5-minute intervals, despite clocking in 80-100 hours a week. If Musk’s method seems extreme, it’s merely an example to illustrate the power of breaking down your day into manageable chunks—be it 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. This practice not only clarifies your daily objectives but often leaves you with extra time and fewer tasks than anticipated.

Starting Small: Your Daily Task List

Begin with jotting down your tasks for the day, assigning specific time slots to each. Don’t fret if you can’t tick off everything; the mere act of listing ensures that tasks won’t be overlooked. And when unforeseen tasks arise? Simply add them to your list. Consolidating tasks in one place, whether on paper, an iPad, or an Excel sheet, will help you stay organized and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Remember, our minds have their limits; offloading your mental load onto a tangible list can significantly boost your productivity and focus.

Project management is a broad field, but even small steps towards better task management can lead to significant improvements in how you and your team operate. Let’s start transforming our approach to work, one task at a time.

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