Embracing the Chai Break: Tackling Startup Burnout


In the bustling heart of Mumbai, where morning chai stalls are replaced by the buzzing offices of “ChakraPay”, a fintech startup aimed at revolutionizing the digital payment system, the pace is more bullet train or rather Vande Bharat Express than leisurely rickshaw rides. Here, a quarter can feel like a lifetime, with numbers changing faster than the weather in Shimla. If you relate, here are some absolutely doable ways to deal with burnout.

Step One: Reinvent the Siesta. In a world spinning faster than a T20 cricket match, hitting the pause button is crucial. Don’t fear the break, rather embrace it like the much-awaited monsoon after a scorching summer. As Sadhguru says, “If you know how to be at ease within yourself, every situation is an opportunity.”

Step Two: Be a Nomad in Your Own City. The hustle-bustle of your startup might be thrilling, but a bit of wandering can offer much-needed refreshment. Explore the hidden gems in your city, taste that famous pani puri at the street corner, or drive to the outskirts to admire the sunset. All the cities with startup hubs have some great outskirts to explore. You might find the spark for your next big idea in the most unexpected places.

Step Three: Cultivate a Family, Not Just a Team. Indian families are like the flavourful biryani, everyone brings something unique, preferably with aloo (Bengali speaking). Similarly, foster relationships with your colleagues. Share not just deadlines, but dreams, ambitions, and perhaps the occasional vada paw too.

Step Four: Embrace Yoga and Meditation. Both are as Indian as a plate of masala dosa and as effective in calming your mind. Practise a bit of meditation before starting your workday, or indulge in some lunchtime yoga. Personally, for me, Isha Kriya worked wonders.

Step Five: Happiness is Your True Nature. It’s crucial to realize that happiness is not dependent on your latest funding round or the number of users you’ve onboarded. It is within you. Someone said, “If you’re happy by your own nature, the surroundings will not determine your happiness.”

Let’s remember that while making it big in the startup scene is commendable, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your peace and well-being. Feeling drained at times is natural, but don’t let burnout take a toll on your health and happiness. And remember, it’s entirely okay to move on to something new.

In this grand spectacle called life, a job is merely an act, not the full performance. So, remember to enjoy the journey, whether you’re shaping the future of finance at ChakraPay or another electrifying startup. Keep calm, stay centered, and maybe, just maybe, amidst the chaos, you’ll find the rhythm to your very own startup symphony.

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