Why I joined a startup?


As a young professional passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, I had many career options. I could have pursued a career in a well-established company or gone to work for a multinational corporation. But instead, I chose to join a startup in India. Why did I make this decision? Here are a few reasons:

Impactful Work

Working for a startup allows me to work on something that truly matters. Startups are known for their agility and ability to pivot quickly based on feedback, which means that my work has a real impact on the company’s success. Additionally, many startups are working on solutions that address real-world problems, such as financial inclusion, healthcare access, and environmental sustainability. Knowing that my work contributes to the greater good is a huge motivator. Today, I can see our impact in Financial Inclusion with LenDenClub.

Dynamic Environment

Startups offer a dynamic and fast-paced work environment that is constantly evolving. This means that I have the opportunity to learn new things and take on new challenges every day. I have the chance to work with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, which keeps things interesting and helps me grow personally and professionally. I will give an example. I joined LenDenClub as a product manager. Before I knew it, I established the digital marketing and customer team here from scratch. And since then, I have worked in many departments.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Joining a startup means working with people who share my passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. I am surrounded by people who are constantly thinking of new ideas and solutions, which is inspiring and motivating. Being part of a community of entrepreneurs also means I have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help me grow as an entrepreneur. I had been lucky enough to experience it in all the startups I worked at, including RupeeVest, Indus Net TechShu, and now LenDenClub.


Working for a startup means I have a lot of flexibility in how and what I work. Startups often have a flat organizational structure, meaning everyone has a say in how things are done. This means that I have the freedom to experiment with new ideas and take on new projects that I might not have been able to in a more traditional corporate environment. I am saying this being the youngest to be part of the core team in LenDenClub.

Growth Potential

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I joined a startup is the growth potential. While startups can be risky, they also offer the potential for high rewards. Working for a startup means I can quickly grow my skills and experience and take on more responsibility as the company grows. There is also the potential for equity or other financial incentives that could pay off. With the recent liquidity event at LenDenClub, the growth in financial incentives was proven right. Many Lendenites made 40x their initial ESOP value in this liquidity event.


Joining a startup was a no-brainer for me. The impact, dynamic environment, entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and growth potential startups offer are hard to find elsewhere. While there are risks involved in working for a startup, the rewards are worth it for those willing to take the plunge. I’m excited to be a part of the startup community in India and to see where this journey takes me. 

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